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Acanto Framework

A set of multi-language packages (js, scss, php) to develop, deploy and mantain Acanto Frontend applications.


Latest versions#

  • "@acanto/components": npm (scoped)

  • "@acanto/core": npm (scoped)

  • "@acanto/laravel-scripts": npm (scoped)

  • "@acanto/use": npm (scoped)

  • "acanto/laravel-frontend": composer (scoped)


  • Hot Module Replacement
  • JS/SCSS modules bundling with webpack
  • SCSS compilation with sass and postcss
  • SCSS optimization combining media queries with postcss-sort-media-queries
  • ES6 syntax support with babel
  • Routes specific JS/CSS
  • CSS and JS files automatic splitting and cache busting (content hashed)
  • Assets minification
  • Images dynamic resizing, processing, minification and compression
  • SVG inline icons automatic generation from svg images
  • Favicons auto-generation from single image
  • License banner for compiled css and js files
  • Route and Component generator with .js, .scss and .php templates