Using the workflow

Setup project#

After npm i run npx acanto start or the shortcut npm start.

Workflow commands#

From your root folder run npx acanto help or npm run help to view the available commands and their description.



Routes can be created at any time running npx acanto route route-name or npx acanto route route-one,route-two to add multiple routes, existing routes will not be overwritten, but be careful of using a new unique route name. Same works for components with npx acanto component MyComponent.



To run the script on windows you might need to go to System Properties and on Advanced -> Add to Environment variables -> Users -> Path append the following variables:

  • C:\Program Files\Git\cmd in order to be able to install npm packages directly from git remotes instead that from published versions git must be in the path source
  • C:\Program Files\nodejs to run node scripts from the current directory